If you want to put an order on this website:

1. Choose the category and subcategory of the product(s) you want to buy.

2. Check the product(s) you are interested in. Clicking on each of them you will see their detailed information as you will access to each product’s page. Here you will find photographies which you can enlarge just clicking on each of them; some products have more than one photography. You can also check each product description, composition, reference, price and another product’s information that may interest you.

3. Once you select the product you want to order, from its own page or from the general product listing using the fast purchase button, you can enter the number of pieces you want to add to your shopping cart. Then you can keep on shopping or checkout.

4. If you want to keep on purchasing, just repeat the process. If you want top ut your order, click the checkout button or your shipping cart.

5. Enter the information that is asked in the fields, shipping and billing address and check that they are correct.

6. Choose the shipping that better suits you.

7. Choose the payment method.

8. Confirm your purchase and send payment.

9. You will receive a order confirmation email.

Shopping conditions

Which countries are allowed to order from this website?

Currently any country can put an order in this website.

Do you restock sold out items?

If the product you are interested in is sold out you cannot purchase it and I will try to restock it as soon as possible. If there’s no stock of some item, it will be already shown in the website.

Is the product that appears on the photography the same I am ordering?

Yes. Each photography shows the product you are purchasing.

Can I get information via email with news and discounts?

Yes. Just subscribe to the newsletter using the right bottom button of the website. You will receive an email each time we drop a new collection or when a special sale or discount is available.

Can I unsubscribe the Newsletter?

Yes, through the “Newsletter”section you can easily unsubscribe. You have just to fill the fields and then send it.

You can also unsubscribe clicking the bottom button ‘unsubscribe’ of any email you may receive from la barbuda.

How do I know I have correctly put my order?

Once you put your order, you will receive a order confirmation email. If you don’t get this email, get in touch with me using the ‘contact’ section of the website.

Can I delete some items of my order?

Yes. From your shipping cart you can delete the items you don't want to order if you haven’t put your order yet.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. You can cancel your order if you email me using the contact form of the website. This option is only available if I haven’t shipped your order yet.

What can I do if the item I have received is damaged or have some imperfections?

I only sell new and perfect conditions items. So in the rare case that you received a damaged product email me as soon as possible .

What do I have to do if I receive a wrong product?

In the rare case that, by mistake, you receive a product that was not what you ordered, email me as soon as possible.


How can I pay my order?

You can pay sith: Visa, American Express, Mastercard, PayPal or bank transfer (if you previously email me)

Why should a credit card be refused?

A credit card can be refused because:

The credit card has expired. Check that your credit card is still working.

Maybe you have exceeded your credit card limit. Talk with your bank so that you can know if this have happened.

Maybe some of the informaton you entered about your credit card is wrong. Check all the information you entered in all the fields.

Is it safe using the credit card in the website?

Yes, data an information is encrypted SSL. Payment will be made through a secure payment Gateway..