La Barbuda Studio

Hello! I am la barbuda. I have 1 cat, 1 dog and very short hair. I live in Perillo, a small seaside town on the Galician coast (Northern Spain). In the final months of 2015, I decided to turn my love for comics, video games and cinema into la barbuda: a line of products for people who are different. Basically, my designs are orientated towards tattooed pet owners, retro gamers and cinema lovers. As well as comic fanatics, intrepid adventurers and cool people in general (supposing that there are more cool people apart from us).

Do you love playing videogames? Are you saving for your next tattoo? Do you collect cool things that others consider useless? Then… you are different too!

As well as creating bearded products, coordinating sales, updating la barbuda social networks with cool stuff and a lot of other things, I also create custom designs! So if you would like to give somebody an original gift, please write to me at and explain your idea to me!