Back in 2015 I decided to turn my love for comics, videogames and cinema into 'la barbuda': a brand of products for people who loves pop culture. I create my designs for tattooed retro gamers, cinema lovers and cool people in general (supossing there are cool people besides us).


la barbuda is me. An independent Spanish artist internationally known by my brand 'la barbuda'. I have one cat, one dog and since 2020, an studio-shop in which you can buy all my products and meet the three of us in person (🦊🧔🏻🐈).

You can also purchase my work on my website, in almost 100 shops around the world. And also at Hula, my atelier and shop, at Perillo, a seaside small town in Galicia (Spain).


I create all la barbuda products, I manage their sale, I daily update my social media with cool posts and many more things! And I also create custom designs! I have already created patterns for fabric and shirts, logos, original paintings and artwork on demand... write to me at and let's start working together!