La Barbuda

La barbuda is patches. It is designs that are welknown around the world.

La barbuda is more than 150 thousand followers on Social Media.

But la barbuda is, in essence, a small business that support the local economy and enviromental sustainability.

Flyers, stickers, cards… All the packaging that goes with my products is made from paper and printed at a local shop.

Both the T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags and backpatches are screen printed at small businesses from my town, or they are printed with water-based ink, which is respectful with the environment and do not generate waste: even the printing machine is cleaned just with water.

And, of course, all my patches are made in Spain.

I work with more than a dozen of small local shops and 4 national manufacturers.

La barbuda, as well as you, is one more link in the small business world.

Consume local, take care of the environment, support indie brands and everything will go well.